We look forward to your child’s first visit with us. This is the time for you to meet your dentist and for us to get to know your child’s dental needs. Whether your child is still just a toddler or a bit older, most kids would rather be doing anything other than going to the dentist. That’s why we strive to make their first appointment as pain and stress-free as possible!

Download Your New Patient Forms

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New Patient Paperwork

Download New Patient Forms

Your First Dental Visit

For your child’s very first dental visit, we recommend coming to see us when their first teeth erupt, typically around 7 months to 1 year old. During the visit we will give your child a visual exam, take an x-ray if needed, give a kid-friendly professional cleaning and polishing, and offer age-appropriate guidance for how to keep their smile healthy. We encourage our first-time patients to take advantage of our new patient specials on their first visit.

Your First Orthodontics Visit

At your child’s first orthodontics appointment, you both may not know what to expect. Around 7 years of age is usually when we recommend they have their first visit, though this meeting is simply to get to know your child and see how their teeth are coming in. Don’t worry, we won’t be giving them braces at 7 years old! Going for their first assessment when their adult teeth are being to emerge can help your orthodontist to predict how their bite will form and to catch any issues early on. Also, we offer free orthodontic consultations so there’s no reason not to make an appointment.

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