little boy drinking orange juice at breakfast with mother in backgroundWe’ve heard it time and time again: “Brush your teeth twice a day!” But have you ever wondered what time of day you should be brushing?

Some of us wake up and brush first thing, only to be disturbed by the taste we experience after our glass of morning OJ. If you are familiar with this, you are not alone! Let’s talk about why this happens to the best of us.

Blame it on SLS

Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) is an ingredient found in toothpaste that produces those foamy bubbles we all know and love. Unfortunately, this chemical compound can suppress your taste buds and dull phospholipids on your tongue, which can enhance bitter flavors.

Try SLS Free

The best way to solve the issue of bitter mouthfeel is to choose a SLS-free paste. SLS-free paste doesn’t produce bubbles when brushing, but it will allow you to enjoy your tasty OJ!

Don’t want to part with your SLS paste? Alternatively, you can drink a glass of water or chew on a piece of sugar free gum. This will increase your saliva production and naturally remove SLS from your mouth before you go in for your glass of citrus.

Can I Brush My Teeth After Breakfast?

You may be wondering, “what if I just brush my teeth after OJ?” This seems like a simple solution; however, it’s not good for your teeth!

Brushing effectively cleans your mouth after a meal, but it should always be done 30 minutes after you have consumed food and beverages. Brushing directly after messes up your mouth’s pH levels, which can cause pain and cosmetic issues to your smile!

Think about it: a heavily acidic drink, like OJ, will coat your teeth initially. If you take an abrasive brush to your poor pearly whites immediately- ouch!

Have Clean Teeth and Enjoy your OJ

In order to fully enjoy the flavors of your food and keep your oral hygiene in shape, we recommend you follow our advice!

Check out this article for more information regarding SLS-free toothpaste.