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Prevent Cavities with Fluoride!

Avoiding decay and cavities is important at any age! One way to reverse early signs of decay is with fluoride treatment. A fluoride treatment may be recommended by your dentist in order to ensure your child’s teeth are strong and shining. Fluoride is a compound that contains fluorine, a natural element, which prevents tooth decay by encouraging remineralization (a process that can strengthen teeth that are weakened and in the beginning phase of cavities).

Fluoride Treatment at Our Denver Offices

There are a variety of fluoride treatments out there. Some dental professionals apply a gel or foam into a tray while others may use a varnish that is directly applied to the enamel. A varnish application can be useful for young patients who would not tolerate a tray in their mouth for up to 4 minutes. Oftentimes, fluoride treatments come in fun flavors and colors in order to get your child excited about the experience.

Is Fluoride Safe?

Fluoride is a perfectly safe solution that can be found in many oral health products like toothpaste, mouth rinses, and gels; however, products should still be stored away from children. Overexposure to fluoride can cause fluorosis—small white spots on the teeth that develop before the age of 8. In order to minimize the risk of fluorosis, practice healthy brushing procedures with your child, like rinsing after brushing and spitting instead of swallowing remaining tooth paste.

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Denver Pediatric Dentistry offers a $59 full cleaning, for new patients, which also includes fluoride treatment, exams & x-rays. To get started, request an appointment.

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Fluoride Treatment in Denver, CO

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