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Tooth Extractions for Children

In certain cases, your child’s dentist may recommend that they have a tooth extracted, or pulled. Sometimes an extra tooth is coming in, or isn’t erupting properly. Our office is dedicated to making sure your child has a pleasant and pain-free experience.

What to Expect

During a tooth extraction, your child’s dentist will remove a tooth. In children, removing teeth is often a treatment for crowding caused by too many teeth than will properly fit in the mouth. In other cases, a tooth will need to be removed due to severe decay. If your child must have a permanent tooth extracted, our team of specialists will help develop a treatment plan.

During your child’s dental extraction, our team will use their experience and skill to ensure that your child feels safe and has a pain-free experience.

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Not sure if your child needs a tooth extraction? The dentists and orthodontists at Denver Pediatric Dentistry will work together to decide if this is the right option. In more serious cases, our dentists can also refer your child to an oral surgeon, but most extraction procedures can be completed in-house.

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Dental Extractions in Denver, CO

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