Ensuring Access to Quality Dental Care for Children

Do Medicaid or Health First Colorado programs play a crucial role in your child’s dental healthcare? Sunshine Kids Dentistry values these programs for their role in maintaining children’s dental health. If you are covered by these programs, you’ll be pleased to learn that Sunshine Kids Dentistry gladly accepts them. Contact us to find out how we can help you make the most of your Medicaid/Health First Colorado benefits.

Understanding Medicaid/Health First Colorado Coverage and Costs

Medicaid and Health First Colorado provide various preventive dental care services, including regular checkups and treatments like sealants. However, coverage for restorative treatments varies. For example, Medicaid includes general anesthesia and sedation, but Health First Colorado might not. Our team at Sunshine Kids Dentistry is dedicated to helping you understand your benefits and what your plan includes. We aim to provide clear information about any fees involved, ensuring you are well-informed and not faced with unexpected costs later.

Book Your Appointment Now

If financial constraints have been hindering your child’s dental care, leveraging Health First Colorado or Medicaid could be a solution. Get in touch with Sunshine Kids Dentistry with your details, and we’ll explore the coverage options available for your child, including any potential out-of-pocket expenses. Our team is also on hand to address any queries or concerns you might have.